Modern Elegance Matching Fullback Vest

modern elegance fullback vestModern Elegance Matching Fullback Vest

Available in Black, Tan, Heather Grey and Steel Grey

Create a contemporary 3-piece tuxedo look with an elegant matching vest.

Available in Men’s and Boys’ sizes.

Classic Black Backless Vest

classic backless vestA backless, black vest with a six button front and pocket treatments.

Mix and match with any colorful tie to add a splash of color to your ensemble!

Stephen Geoffrey Synergy Fullback Vest

synergy fullback vestStephen Geoffrey Synergy Fullback Vest

Herringbone vests are tailored with matching backs.

Ties include Solid Windsors, Striped Windsors and matching Bow Ties.

Solid pocket squares are also available to add a splash of color to your tuxedo.

Available in 42 colors!